Monday, August 23, 2010

Eyebrow threading

I have only one thing to say: do it, do it now! And obviously I'm going to say more than just that. I went to She to Shic Beauty Lounge for my first eyebrow threading this afternoon and I left a changed woman. Not only do I have a finely manicured brow for the first time in my life (for the incredibly reasonable price of $8) but I have a new monthly routine. I mean, she told me to come back every 2 weeks....but that seems like overkill. If I had a regular beauty regimen, this would definitely be number one on the list.

The eyebrow threading experience

When I arrived and laid back in the chair, I started to say that I didn't want them thin and I got as far as, "I..." before the woman cut me off saying, "NO! No, don't say anything...NO...." even as I tried to get a word in edgewise, she kept cutting me right off. Then she told me how messy my eyebrows were, how bad I was at plucking them, how they were two different shapes and then told me not to say anything...again.

My palms started to sweat and I was getting really nervous...letting her go wild on a facial feature—with no direction or indication of how I wanted them done—two weeks before I'm getting married. Not smart. But maybe I just have trust issues, because she did a fantastic job. I like it when someone tells you how it's going to be and they don't let you down. This woman just found herself a loyal customer!

Eyebrows are one of those things that you don't notice how bad they are until you see them looking good. So if you haven't tried eyebrow threading, here's all you need to know...

Eyebrow threading 101

-Cheap (mine was $8 at She to Shic in Kerrisdale)
-Takes about 5 minutes
-Yields unbelievable results
-Less painful than waxing
-Your eyes will water a lot

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