Monday, September 20, 2010

The name is Kage, and I'm sticking with it!

Of all the recently wed ladies I know, I would say half have changed their last names and the other half have not. As you can see, I changed mine. I like the idea of our family going by a singular name. I'm looking forward to sharing the same last name as my husband and my children. And a good thing about marrying at a younger age (I'm a just-turned 26...that's still young, right?), is that it doesn't really matter yet professionally. I have some published work, but not enough to warrant holding on to my original last name. And I'm only entering the publishing industry as a full-time employee next week, so I haven't been networking under "Gladiuk" for an overly long period of time. As for those women who keep their last names, that's their prerogative, and I don't really wish to discuss the virtues of name changing/keeping on my blog, not in a serious way, at least. Everyone does what's right for themselves.

But then there comes the issue of my blog name and the nickname that most people call me by: KG. And also, Kage. I can't say I won't miss that dearly. I secretly hope (take note, friends....) that people continue to call me KG, it has a nice ring to it! And as for "Kage"....sit back as I rationalize that one for you:
My friends began calling me Kage as a shorter form of "KG"....say KG a few times really fast and you've got Kage. Kay-Aich (KH) sounds understandably silly, but hear me out....say K-H a few times fast....kinda sounds like...Kage! And there you have it, I'm changing my last name but retaining my nickname. Viva le blog!

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