Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Duck Tolling Retriever Vs. Bernese Mountain Dog

We really want to get a puppy, but we can't decide which kind. We've come to terms with the idea of our furniture and belongings being permanently covered in a thick, impenetrable layer of fur, and narrowed it down to two very hairy breeds. Both are active without being hyperactive—they definitely need their exercise but wouldn't be upset with condo living for the first few years of their life. They're both mid-sized—neither large nor small. The only kind of petite dog Luc likes is a puppy, and a big dog is just too much to handle.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Rumour has it these little buggers are pretty big shedders. Moreso than most. We've fallen in love with fluffy dogs, but we're concerned that this guy might be pushing it? The other concern: a shorter lifespan of about 6-8 years and more health problems than the average dog.

Duck Tolling Retriever

Every puppy has his quirks, but apparently duck tollers do this strange thing where they scream when they're excited. A dog screaming. We might actually get one of these just to hear what that sounds like. Our secondary concern is the duck toller's energy levels and general inquisitive nature. He might get a little bored without a backyard and start destroying our furniture.

What say you, Internet friends? Should we get a bernese mountain dog or a duck tolling retriever? Any dog recommendations or advice?


  1. Hi I am a Toller breeder who found your blog as a google alert for the breed I get in my email. Funnily enough, both the breeds you mention are also my favorite! I have 4 Tollers, only 1 screams. They don't *all* do it, and she doesn't do it *all* the time. Screaming is genetic in nature- her mother also screamed, as did her mom's dad. I personally don't think I would ever get wouldn't get a BMD as they are gigantic- not medium sized, shed a lot and DROOL- dried up drool on everything from car seats to pant legs to coffee tables and walls.
    Have you looked at Australian Shepherds? Kind of a Toller-sized but look a little more like Bernese than a Toller would.
    Good luck with your search- if you are looking for a breeder, I have puppies due in 7-14 days.

  2. Sorry that should say "don't think I would ever get a BMD as they are gigantic"

  3. Thanks so much for all the info, Trisha! I was definitely misinformed about the BMD's size!! My husband showed me a video of a toller screaming today (it was swimming at a lake and really excited) and it was actually quite endearing! We'll have to check out the australian shepherds...that was actually one of the other breeds we had considered :)

  4. I voted for the Bernese... 'cause I want one (my cats won't let me). They're the most gorgeous dogs out there!


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