Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fatties on Ice and MPub Withdrawal

My friend from school Cynara started a podcast with one of her friends named Jenny. It's called Fatties on Ice and it's pretty cool. You should check it out. It's about pop culture and media – they make a good team and they're very witty. I think one of the aspects I most enjoy, though, is hearing one of my classmates debate and discuss! It makes me feel like I'm in class again. Have I mentioned that I miss school? A lot. I love classes and discussions and fiery debates, and I even enjoy writing papers.

Sure, there were a few sunny Saturdays spent hunched over my computer all day, wearing the same grungy shirt I slept in the night before, banging away on the keyboard, each keystroke only driving me closer to the point of losing my mind. Those, I would like stricken from the record and my permanent memory. But all of the other times, even the first week of school, when we got to our editorial class and were given a seriously hefty, dense, academic manuscript, a tight little timeline and it was like, BAM, read this now, edit it, this is your life, suckers. I enjoyed that.

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  1. uh "pretty cool?" I think the superlative phrase you're looking for is "BIGGER THAN [insert preferred deity here]"

    in seriousness, thanks for the holla! i'm stoked you're enjoying the cast we should get together & compare desktops sometime soon. we talked about twilight last cast, and i wondered about your take on them omitting the gory birth scene...


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