Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I suppose I'm the crazy neighbour now

Late last night, with my hair in wild tangles, dressed in my sponge bob pajama pants, an old tshirt, and my pink rubber boots, I ran up and down the streets outside our apartment looking for my friend's car. She lives across the street from me and it's her birthday today (Happy Birthday Callie!), so I wanted to leave something for her to find this morning. I had printed a picture (and put it in a ziploc bag to avoid the morning dew), and planned to slip it under the windshield wiper so it would be there waiting when she drove to work this morning.

Upon finding her car, I noticed that the sunroof was open about 4 inches. This opening presented a second option: dropping the picture inside the car onto her seat. But what if it fluttered down onto the floor? What if she sat on it and didn't notice? MAYBE....just maybe I could stick the edge of the ziploc bag in the sunroof track so it got caught and was left hanging there. That would be awesome.

For you to understand how this looked, you must know that I had the crooked smile of a completely ravenous lunatic on my face. And I was still laughing to myself about the cat picture that I had printed out. As I had part of my arm inside the sunroof, still laughing away like a fool, someone was walking by and staring at me. Sure, I knew what I was doing - just something nice for a friend. But what did it look like to the passerby? I didn't consider that at the time. But probably like a crazy woman trying to find a car to break into to talk to her invisible giraffe in private.

But whatever...at least I don't play the recorder.


  1. Maybe it was the recorder person! Maybe they will write a new song about you and play it incessantly at 4am! Ha! You're too funny sweetie!

    PS: My subscription widget recently crashed, and I lost all of my subscribers. Every last one. I know you were already subscribed, but could you please subscribe again? Pretty please? I miss my friends. :(

  2. Hehe everyone goes through a bout of craziness occasionally.

    P.S. I've given you an award; check today's post on my blog!


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