Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm baaa-aaack

This morning I was wiping my eyes with makeup remover until I realized, oh, that's not smeared mascara, those are just tired bags, they're not going to rub off. I've just returned after a long weekend of "repose" (and by repose I just mean no school work or wedding planning) to my final two weeks of classes and two papers, a presentation and a final project.

The long weekend was anything but restful in the physical sense, but it was the longest mental vacation I've taken in a while. Every night was a late one, and every day was long and enjoyable one. I didn't have time to think about school, which was great. But I did have to get up at a decent hour every morning. But if you have to get up early, there's no better way to do so than having the cutest twin four-year-old girls jumping on your bed and giggling like wild hyenas. Luc and I spent the long weekend at West Edmonton Mall with his family; eating, drinking, swimming, shopping, amusement parking (yes, I'm making it a verb), and hanging out. And now it's back to writing, reading, busing, budgeting, and stressing out.

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