Thursday, April 29, 2010

Run for the hills

This is a pretty spot-on remake of the Hills. I watched the season premiere (2 entire days off at home have made me go squirrelly) and I can't get over how out of touch these kids are with reality and how out of control their sense of self importance is. I think Audrina put it best when she said to her ex, "you're selfish, you're self-centred, all you care about is yourself." So eloquent, these girls.

I think I watched because I really wanted to see Heidi's bizarre face that makes her look like a 40-year old trying to look like a 20-year old. And I feel the need to satiate this irking curiosity. I can't explain it. I find myself always wondering, "Is this real or fake? This is too ridiculous to be real." It's the same way I feel about Jersey Shore- I haven't given in to that yet, though. And I'm not sure I'll watch the entire season of the Hills- the production of the show is infuriating. Every 20 seconds there's a musical interlude and clips of them all looking at each other with those blank stares. Sometimes I think I can see tumbleweeds blowing by behind their eyes.

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  1. You should be careful about your mockery of The Hills. It's a slippery slope between ironically making fun of its stupidity and actually becoming addicted to the show and watching it because it's one of your primary guilty pleasures. At least, that's what happened to me. :P


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