Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chapel: Vancouver hat store to save the day

Because of construction in East Vancouver, my bus home from work in Burnaby has been 40 mins late every day, which led me to take an alternative route, which consists of a skytrain and two bus transfers. The second bus on my new route was also late, and the bus stop that I was forced to kill time at was located in front of a new store I'd never seen before. It's a hat store called Chapel and it's on Broadway and Granville (for my Vancouver readers!) — the selection is wide and the guy who works there is a helpful, charming aussie. I've always hated wearing sunglasses, so finding a good hat is a much preferred alternative for avoiding the sun squint. I think the two of us will be very happy together this summer.


  1. You look so cute! Is Chapel the store that used to be I Love Hats?

  2. Hey Lisa, I think it did replace that store- the guy working there said they took the place of another hat store that closed. I think Chapel is a bit more trendy though, I never did go in the other one...

  3. Ah I see. What are the chances of two hat stores in succession in the same retail space? It's more than a coincidence; it almost makes me think there's some Vancouver bylaw/hat store zoning regulation that we don't know about. :P


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