Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wedding photos in the wild

Luc and I managed to get out of the house on this particularly lazy Sunday and find the good weather that was hiding in the city next door. We drove to Steveston for frozen yogurt and to scout out our location for the post-ceremony photo shoot. We chose the Britannia Shipyard in Steveston because of the beautiful, natural surroundings and the great, beat-up old buildings. The way I described it to Luc was, "you know, the contrast of our fancy clothes and the shitty old buildings. It'll look kinda cool and vintagey and all that crap." Luc said that was "very elegantly put." I agreed. And if we have time after photos here, we're planning on heading down the boardwalk for ice cream before we arrive at the ceremony. Here's hoping that I don't get chocolate hedgehog on my white satin.

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