Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our car has it in for us

Reason #163 that I love Luc: he can do manly things like fix a flat tire. Yes, the latest unfortunate car-adventure is a flat tire on the way to the gym. I think I prefer the person who keeps breaking into our car and throwing our stuff around.

Luc managed to replace the flat with the little temporary donut-tire. We ended up staying home and doing intervals on the hill nearby our apartment building. Luc decided that Sundays will now be known as "Spare Tire Sundays" - the day that we work out at home. Clever bugger, that guy of mine....

Editor's Note: After reading this post to Luc, he reminded me that he's really not that clever. Wasn't it just last night that he chopped up a jalapeno pepper and then picked his nose?

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