Sunday, January 10, 2010

You are not a winner

My friend Kate and I went to the Vancouver Wedding Fair yesterday - it was an exhausting crusade of entering a gazillion contests while carrying around approximately 20 lbs in pure magazine weight. We started the morning off right though - a fashion show and a glass of wine (don't judge). The first half of the wedding show was more tolerable than the last. The liquor and caffeine gave us a delusional self-confidence that fooled us into thinking we could visit every single booth without breaking. By the time we left, our shoulders were welted from the straps of our bags and our feet were aching like we had just completed a marathon. We emerged wide-eyed and delirious from a combination of wedding overload and nothing all day but coffee, wine, and sample chocolates.

Too broken down to walk to the parking lot (about 6 blocks), we waited at the bus top for salvation. I had never been so happy to take a bus in my life. Checking the time on my cellphone, I noticed that I had a missed call from a number I didn't recognize and I had a voicemail. The voicemail went something like this:

"Helloooo....Kristen...Gladiuk! Hi Kristen, this is Deborah calling from BON VOYAGE VACATIONS! We were hoping Kristen, that you could make your way back to the Bon Voyage booth at the wedding fair - I hope you haven't left yet, because we have something here for you!"
(at this point I grab Kate with my free hand and say "Holy crap I think I won a free honeymoon!!!)
"You, uh, you left your address stickers at our booth - so if you're still here at the wedding fair, you can come back to the Bon Voyage booth and we'll have them here for you. Thanks!"

Here I was thinking the whole afternoon of entering contests had already paid off by winning a free honeymoon - it turns out I just left a large amount of personal information sitting out in public. Needless to say we didn't walk back. They call the finalists for the $100,000 Grand Prize Wedding today, and the rest of the contests start calling people on Monday, so there's still hope.

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