Monday, January 18, 2010

Wedding update: I do not want a magician

Last night Luc and I went to another wedding fair - this one was significantly more civilized than the last. It was more of a formal couples event than a casual free-for-all of thousands of brides entering hundreds of contests carrying around piles of magazines. However, before the dinner there was time to walk around outside the ballroom and check out the vendors - our favourite was the photo booth rental.

We sampled some delicious treats from other vendors then sat down to a tasty four-course dinner, and again, did not win any prizes. There was a fashion show during the dinner, and they also had intermittent prize-drawings. At one point, the prize they were drawing for was to have a magician perform at your wedding. At this time, I leaned over to Luc and said, "of all the prizes you wouldn't want to win, this would have to be it." And then they called out the name of the man sitting next to me. And he was genuinely excited. And to be honest, I was not surprised.

After the dinner and the wedding cake, we got our portrait done by a caricaturist. This, I had never done before. I approached the situation with great trepidation - Luc and I both did, actually. I think everyone is probably thinking the same thing the first time they get a caricature done: "oh dear....please don't make me look tooooooo ugly and bizarre. Just a bit....juuuust a little..."

It could have been worse. I actually think it's pretty cute! I especially like Luc's rippling biceps. And this will probably be the only time I say this to an audience that includes my mom, but....check out my rack! Pretty impressive!

I didn't really get any great ideas from this wedding fair, but I did actually book my hair stylist today! One of my good friends at school is going to do it for me! While eating lunch this afternoon I showed her a picture from Cup of Jo that Joanna Goddard posted of her wedding hair (pretty much exactly how I want mine), to which my friend said, "well I can do THAT!" And she about 7 minutes. Hired!!

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