Friday, January 8, 2010

The kinds of surprises that I like

-Getting to the cash register and discovering what you're buying is actually on sale
-Finding a pistachio in a bag that has already been deshelled
-Thinking it's Thursday then finding out it's actually Friday
-Going to a concert where the opening band blows your mind
-Asking for a single and the bartender accidentally makes a double
-Getting a personal TV screen on a short, domestic flight

And one of the best surprises....

-Going out with your boyfriend and he pops the question !
Last night we were out for dinner with some friends, and a few tables over a guy proposed to his girlfriend. Everyone clapped and my eyes welled with tears - thank god nobody noticed though, because I never would have heard the end of it!


  1. Exceppppt that you just wrote about it ... and we all read your blog ... and NOW you will never hear the end of it. Hahaha. (It's Shann)

  2. And yes its 4.57am and I have insomnia once again ... and have turned to your blog. I wish you had written about fifty more blogs since my last read.


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