Thursday, November 26, 2009

Does this necklace match my bra size?

Classes were done by noon today so I headed home for some much-needed relaxation. I turned on the TV, and I found the most hilarious episode of "Steven and Chris", wherein some woman (whose job title I don't even want to know) is giving advice on what earrings to choose depending on your face shape. It's the most inane, silly advice someone could dish out. The really funny part is how seriously they take it. Straight-faced commentary on how women with square faces should completely avoid angular earrings, because that creates another angle...and it will emphasize your already angular face. Yeahhhhh...

After the face-shape bits, they moved on to choosing other jewelry for your body type. Busty ladies should wear long necklaces, because your boobs already draw the eye out. Whatever happened to liking a pair of earrings and buying them? Christmas is coming up....should I ask my friends and family for face and body measurements before buying gifts? I just don't get it.

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