Friday, November 13, 2009

On my list of things I will NEVER do again

#1: Get my hair done at training salon.

How was the hair appointment at the training salon, you ask? Well....for starters, I'm blond. No, that isn't what I went for. I asked them to "add some dimension" to my mousy brown hair with light brown highlights so I don't look so bland. I specifically told them that I didn't want blond, even after the girl made me look through 2 magazines to find the "right blond". We even agreed on a picture of Penelope Cruz's dark hair with a few wispy highlights. I kept telling her, "no, I don't want blond, and I don't want my hair to look much lighter overall, just some brown that's lighter than what I already have." All I wanted was to add a second tone of brown.....BROWN. B-R-O-W-N!!!!!! And they seemed to get it, the instructor even said,  "I know right, people ask for highlights and then they don't get highlights, the base colour of their hair is completely changed to look way lighter....they go WAY too light and put in WAY too many foils." So I thought to myself, good, she understands.

It wasn't until I noticed how many foils the girl was putting in my hair that I realized it wasn't going to end well. The worst part though was when they came to check on me after the foils had sat in my hair for 10 minutes.

Instructor: "Ohhh...holy crap....uhhhhh....your hair lifts REALLY fast."
Trainee: "Ohhhh......."
Instructor: "Uhhh....."


Instructor: "OK...take her out from under the dryer and let her cool for 10 minutes then rinse....."

At this point I knew that it had gone terribly wrong. When I saw myself in the mirror though, it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. And then I arrived home, with dry hair and proper lighting...and there it was: Blond Kristen. They did EXACTLY what I didn't want and exactly what they said they wouldn't do: WAYYYY too many foils and WAYYYY too light. I am steaming mad. I spent so long growing out my hair with its natural colour, I go in for some "dimension", some "light brown accents", some NOT BLOND....and what the hell happens?

All I can say least I did this 10 months prior to my wedding and not 10 days. Screw budgeting, I'm going back to my regular guy, even if I have to eat Mr. Noodles for a month.


  1. The wife tried to do the budget cut thing after the wedding and not go to her usual salon, with disastrous results. Honestly to me she still looked cute but she was incensed!

  2. Oh no!! I'm sorry it turned out so horribly. Did you get an appointment for your regular person?

  3. Yeah I'm pretty disappointed! I'll have to wait until classes are done to schedule another appointment...but it will definitely be with my regular guy!

  4. Oh no! I have spent years trying to get the blond highlights out of my hair and get back to my natural color. It's the worst. What you need to do is do an all over color of brown. After about a week, the highlights will fade to a much lighter shade of brown. As the roots come in, go back to your usual guy and have him match crown highlights to approx 1/2 of the old highlights. Good luck my friend!


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