Friday, November 20, 2009

Small Victories

I feel like I haven't had as many crazy adventures lately. Not adventures, per se, but weird things that happen to me that make life feel like an adventure. Lately it's been all about the small things. Little sprinklings of good fortune that keep life fun and interesting. Here are some of my recent triumphs:

-A book that I needed for a paper was already out from the library and wasn't due back until January 4th, 2010. However, after putting a hold on it for when it returns, the previous borrower brought it back! I wish I could thank them!

-I left my beautiful, oversized, red and white golf umbrella at Starbucks this afternoon. About ten minutes after I realized my mistake, I ran back....and it was still there! On a rainy day in Vancouver, nonetheless....THAT, my friends, is a miracle.

-Last night I ran out the front doors of the school into the pouring rain, missing my bus by a split second. Missing my bus that closely, that late at night means waiting at least twenty more minutes. But before I even had time to feel sorry for myself, another #16 rolled right up!

-And the last little victory I will divulge before I delve back into my school this:

See that little sliver of sunshine? In November, in Vancouver, that is the ultimate victory of victories. And man, am I looking forward to it....

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