Saturday, November 7, 2009

The money saving tactic that may go horribly wrong

Because of the associated costs of being a student, I'm making compromises in other areas of my life. Rather than buy coffee at school, I make it myself each morning...pretty standard, I think most people do that regardless of their financial situation.

Instead of buying a new, expensive jacket, I found an XL that was on sale at a huge discount and had it tailored for just over $10 - turned out pretty well. I got a compliment on it the other day from a charming old lady on the bus.

Now that my natural hair colour has grown out, I need to do something to liven it up so that I don't look quite so mousy for our wedding. Here's the thing that may just blow up in my face and end up costing me more money in the end: I'm forgoing my regular stylist (who knows how to handle my ravenous mane of thick curls - I straighten it - and who knows the deal with my hair colour situation) for a student salon that I've never been to before....where a student will cut and dye my hair....on Friday the 13th....possibly causing irreversible damage....

Am I crazy?


  1. I admire your bravery!

    I lost my nails, cut the shopping back and try to bring a lunch to school rather than buy it, but my hair is the one thing I won't compromise on.

  2. Good for you for branching out!! When I was in college, we always went to the student beauticians... it's the same thing for a better price.

    Have confidence in them. And good luck!!

  3. Everything is going to be ok! They're amazing there and none of the students do anything (consulting, mixing the dye, applying, cutting etc...) without direction/permission from the instructors. Don't worry, you're going to look even more fabulous (if that's possible)!

    Can't wait to see it.


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