Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Engagement Story

Shaba over at A Blog of Her Own is doing a proposal story project, wherein women send her their stories so she can post them all on her blog. Since I wrote out my story for her, I figured I should post it here as well!


Luc and I had been dating for over 4 years when he proposed to me - prior to this, friends and family loved to poke and prod him with comments about whether we would ever get married. All in good fun, of course! We met when I was 20 and he was 21 so we've never been in a rush to tie the knot. Although I was excited for the day when he would propose, I wouldn't say I was in constant anticipation. I never snooped around our apartment in the hopes of finding a ring box, which is a good thing, because he had been hiding it for 5 months under his bedside table! He had bought the ring in January 2009 and soon afterwards our best friends got engaged. After the initial excitement from that engagement wore off, his sister got engaged! Although it was hard to wait (and probably even harder for his poor parents who knew that he had already bought the ring!!), he decided on proposing in May when we would be going on a holiday.

The weekend before our holiday was our 4 year anniversary, and along with my gift, Luc had ordered me a book online (I'm book obsessed...I'm doing my masters in publishing and books are probably the only thing that could rival my love for Luc...OK not really, but I just really love books is what I'm trying to say). The book didn't arrive on time and I never thought anything of it.

On the second day of our holiday we were doing wine tours and tastings, hopping from winery to winery all day. That morning we packed a picnic lunch and after a tasting at Soaring Eagle winery, we grabbed a table on their picturesque patio and brought out the picnic lunch and some wine.

It was a perfect afternoon - warm, light breeze, great wine, great view and great company. After finishing lunch, Luc mentioned that the book he had ordered online for our anniversary had finally arrived, pulling it out of his backpack.

It never occurred to me as strange that he had hauled this massive book around all day rather than giving it to me at home or in the hotel room! Along with the book, he gave me an anniversary card, which I read, which was beautiful and cute and sweet and charming, just like Luc. Obviously, I started to tear up when I read the card. After collecting myself (sort of), I marveled at the book, telling Luc how fun it would be to pick random pages and plan trips to these places. With his encouragement, I opened the book to a page he had already marked, thinking to myself, "aha, he must have marked something here in Penticton, that's why he brought the book...", and when I opened the pages, I noticed that the centre of the book was carved out into a deep square. I was confused. My heart started beating rapidly. I was catching on. I looked up at Luc and he was down on one knee. He reached into the book, took out the ring box that was sitting in the carved out space and asked me if I would marry him. Ohhhh the tears! I fell down onto my knees, wrapped my arms around him and said "yes" about a hundred times. "The ring, put on the ring!" he reminded me. "OH MY GOD THERE'S A RING!!" I shouted! I was pretty excited.

It was all incredibly perfect. We’re planning our wedding for September 5, 2010.


  1. Aww I love engagement stories. How sweet! Oh and gorgeous ring!

  2. Such a cute engagement story!

  3. Thanks! I loved how much thought and effort he put into it. He proposed with a book, it was so prefect! And according to his co-workers, he spent many hours with a knife carving up that book!

  4. Very cool story! Congrats on your engagement!


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