Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bienvenue tout le monde!

The Olmypics are here! Canadians across the country held back their drunken tears of pride (because honestly, how many drinks had you finished by the end of the Opening Ceremony?) when Gretzky cruised through downtown Vancouver with the Olympic torch. People ran through the rain beside the truck, some it appeared had ran out of hotels and restaurants, mid-shift, still in full was a great moment that almost made me wish I had fought the crowds and stood through the pouring rain for three hours just to catch a glimpse of the Great One. Last night we decided to forgo the nutty crowds downtown and check out the Opening Ceremony from a bar. And without a doubt, I thought the coolest part was when the orcas were swimming across the stadium - quintessentially West Coast and shockingly realistic.

After the ceremony was finished, we headed to a friend's place for a few drinks and to watch the Ski Jumping qualifiers from earlier that day. This led to arguments about whether or not they have rules about how tight their suits have to be (they do have regulations) and a unanimous decision that they should have Flying Squirrel Ski Jumping where the jumpers have suits with arm and leg flaps.


  1. I was watching the finals this morning. Squirrel suits would be AMAZING! Such a good idea.

  2. He may lose points for not wearing pants... I doubt the judges enjoy being flashed. Especially by squirrels.


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