Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This afternoon Luc and I headed downtown to check out the various Olympic pavilions and festivities. But the real great part of the afternoon....running into Seth Meyers from Saturday Night Live!! I'm pretty sure I've been quoting SNL since I was five years old (my parents have various stories of me doing reprisals of Mike Meyers skits in front of groups of adults), so actually meeting a cast member was pretty amazing. My life-long dream has been to be on SNL (the last line of my high school grad quote actually says "look for me on SNL one day"....ha!), and as much as I hate to admit it, I'm pretty positive that's never going to happen! Unless.....I become a famous writer first, my novel is published to worldwide acclaim and then I'm cast in the film version and then I host SNL....or I get hired as a writer for SNL....so as I was saying, never going to happen!

I look like a massive tool in the picture, but that hasn't stopped me from posting it here and on Twitter. So anyway, Olympics, what Olympics? I just met Seth Meyers!

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