Friday, February 19, 2010

Wedding overload!

After yesterday's appointment with the florist, I was feeling a bit defeated. I already have another appointment (with a different florist) scheduled for Monday, and I'm hoping that this time around I won't feel so bad for not spending an inordinate sum of money on my centrepieces and not wanting a giant bridal bouquet. I have been working out more lately, but I'm not keen on hauling some 10lb wad of flowers down the aisle.

We've got lots of wedding things lined up for next week - music meeting with the church organist, gift registry at the Bay, the aforementioned florist appointment, and a meeting with the seamstress that will take the enormous bag of fabric I bought and turn it into bridesmaid dresses. According to some reliable sources, this seamstress is something of a wizard; you bring the fabric, show her a picture of a dress you like from a magazine and, voila!  Perfection!

This is the dress (minus that flashy little broach) that we're having made for the bridesmaids. I'm kind of jealous that I don't get to wear one! Because as cliche as I know it sounds (and truly is), this is definitely something the girls could wear again.

Another appointment that's sure to be a blast - the gift registry. To quote my friend Liz, "it's like shopping without spending any money!" Really though, I just want to use that little beeping gun - they look like so much fun. I have a feeling Luc will get carried away with it and we're going to end up with strange items like ceramic ducks and vibrating foot massagers.


  1. I love the dress! I would wear it.

  2. I also love the dress! Glad I'll be sportin' it for your big day.

    After these crazy Olympics I'll have LOADS of time on my hands - let me know if you need any help over there in WeddingLand.

    Have SO much fun at the game tonight - I'll keep an eye out for ya on the telly.

    PS - I love that you're not planning on carrying a massive bouquet and that the girls will have those ginormous (compared to them) flowers. It's going to look fantastic.


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