Tuesday, May 11, 2010

#62 - Bringing my A game from the ladies tee

62: Golf on a real golf course (not a pitch and putt)

Our good friend Justin was visiting us from Saskatchewan this past week, so we were motivated to do something exciting on the weekend. Not that I'm saying golf is exciting...it's a funny, frustrating game for me. If I had a lesson or two, I might enjoy it more, but as it stands, I would label my abilities as poor to moderately poor. Please, don't let the plaid shorts fool you, I'm a hopeless duffer.

The entire day was nearly over before it began. On our way to the greens on the first hole a neighbouring golfer hollered "fore"...and with good reason. I was busy checking out my surroundings and the rogue ball came swooping down and landed right at my feet, missing my face by a matter of inches. I think if I had been looking up for the ball, I may have actually gotten it right in the teeth. Good thing I'm oblivious!

Despite the sketchy start and my weak performance, I'm still calling the game a success because I only had to scream "fore" once at the top of my lungs. In retrospect though, I would have been OK with my crooked shot nailing the guy on the opposite fairway. He was milling around on his cellphone and probably could have used a little tap on the head from a golf ball. Or at least in the shins so that he got off his phone and started paying attention. I'm no pro, but the last time I checked, cellphones were frowned upon when you're mid-game, standing in the fairway. 

I learned a few important lessons that I will take with me for next time:
1. Always go pee before you start 18 holes of golf
2. When someone yells "fore", duck and cover
3. Plaid shorts do not elevate your game
4. The ball washer never gets old, nor does asking your friends if they would like their balls washed

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