Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DIY Wedding Invitations Phase 2

DIY Wedding Project: Invitations

We're about half-way through printing all of our invitations- we ended up buying a new printer that could print with a full bleed because nobody in the lower mainland seems to have the simple capability of doing so, despite their big, fancy printing equipment. It's been a long, stressful, frustrating process, but I'm really pleased with the results.

After printing the card, we rounded all four corners.

Next was the most finicky part: running the card through the embossing machine.

I loved adding texture to the invitations...probably my favourite feature.

We used ribbon to tie in the eggplant colour because I wanted the print design to be mostly silver and black.

Once the ribbon was secure, we mounted the card on a piece of heavy, silver cardstock.

There is a lot of labour that goes into each invitation, but seeing our stack grow higher is incredibly satisfying.

We also have two 3.5"x5" cards: the RSVP card and the reception card. We haven't even started to think about printing those, and we're hoping that it will be simpler than the invitations.

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  1. *gurgle*... these are gorgeous. Bravo you crafty fox you!


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