Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Frank's Red Hot Sauce changed my life

Tomorrow marks the first day of my summer internship with a magazine publisher. And I think that to distract myself from getting too nervous my mind is trying to fixate on other things. All I can focus on is the chicken burger I ate tonight and the hot sauce that I put on it. Why has it taken me 25 years to put hot sauce on a chicken burger? Now I finally get that commercial with the old lady...take my word friends, I am going to put that shit on everything.

But back to the internship.....I've been nervously awaiting this for a while now. A first day anywhere is nerve wracking, but this is the first day that actually matters in my career. And this job comes with a scary new bus route. The trip planner on the bus website gave me about five different options, so I'm going with the one that only requires two buses, rather than bus/bus/skytrain. If the bus route makes me late...at least I have four more to try, right?

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