Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birdcage card holder

DIY Wedding Project: Birdcage card holder

We found this white birdcage at Home Outfitters this weekend. I've actually been searching for a birdcage for months now, and this one fit the bill perfectly. It's large enough to fit cards from guests, small enough that it's not gawdy, an easy-to-open lid, vintage feel, part wood/part metal, and plain enough to decorate without looking too busy....

I stuck with the theme from our wedding invitations and printed a simple design on our invitation cardstock, embossed the strips on the side, lined it with ribbon and mounted it on silver cardstock. I used double sided tape to line the birdcage itself with two strips of ribbon.

These are my favourite kind of DIY Projects- they tie together the theme of your wedding decor, they're dead easy and they add a great personal touch from the couple. 

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