Wednesday, December 2, 2009

27 - Being all domestic...or giving it my best shot

#27: Bake a batch of cookies and surprise a friend (in this case...I gave cookies to the neighbours, still counts!)

Friday night, making cookies with my friend....

The instructions say to "put the butter and sugars in the bowl of your electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment..."

So naturally, I pull out this....

Please note the tape holding it together, the stylish shade of green (yellow?), and that both of the beaters are broken on the ends where they are inserted. And so, my dear friend Kate, not wanting to make me feel bad, goes along with it and tries to mix the batter with this ugly, semi-functioning, relic of a hand mixer. One minute later...

Kate: " it supposed to sound like that? I....I think it's broken."
Me: "Yeah....yeah don't worry, it always sounds like that...and smells like that...."

a few minutes of futile effort pass....

Me: "You know what, maybe we should just use a wooden spoon?"

And that is why the first item on our wedding registry will be a kitchen aid mixer.

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