Thursday, December 17, 2009

#63 - Being festive

63: Paint my nails candy-apple red

My original intentions for going to Shopper's Drug Mart were to mail Christmas cards and buy Christmas cards. After mailing the cards, I was left to battle with about 5 old ladies who were also buying Christmas cards. They were all crowded around the rows that held "for someone special", "for mom", "for dad", and "funny", leaving me with the "for grand-daughter", "for grand-son", "religious", and all of the other crappy ones. It's just that I don't have any grandchildren yet, and I don't like to be too intense with my card-giving. So to kill time before the crowds around the good cards cleared, I loitered in the makeup section. I ended up picking up some red nail polish, and voila! 

Going for a manicure would have been way more fun than painting my own nails while watching Seinfeld reruns, but this still turned out all right.

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