Friday, December 11, 2009

I said "yes" to the dress (and got a free veil!)

I honestly thought I would never have the decisiveness to pick out a wedding dress I loved, and then actually go so far as to PAY for it, thus making the decision official. But I did! I found the one! I fell so far in love with this one dress that when we went to another store, I was totally disinterested...I didn't want to try on any other dresses than this one dress. This is how it all went down....

It was the last dress I tried on at Store #1; the fabric was the kind I had always pictured myself wearing, the style was a hybrid of my favourite dresses so far, the silhouette was incredibly flattering, and it had a badass train, but the price tag gave me the same feeling as the flower appointment. I couldn't move on though - I really loved the dress, and so did my lovely fan club (my mom, cousin [the matron of honour] and aunt). We moved on to Store #2, hoping that they would also carry "the" dress but at a better price. While the saleswoman searched their stock for "the" dress, I busied myself by trying on a dress from my first excursion a few weeks ago. All of my bridesmaids had loved this dress, but I had some uncertainties about it, and my mom still hadn't seen me in it. I put it on and felt underwhelmed - all of the uncertainties were now magnified, and everything that I didn't like about this dress was perfect in "the" dress.

The saleswoman returned to tell us that they could order "the" dress in, but they didn't have it in stock at the moment for me to try on. They also offered a way better price than Store #1. I won't bore you with the details of our back and forth between Store #1 and #2, but the point is - after a long lunch at Cactus Club and some clinking of glasses, we went to Store #3 (the place I went a few weeks back), who also carried "the" dress, tried it on again, and after my amazing matron of honour chatted the store manager down to a WAY better price than Store #1 AND Store #2 (and a free veil), I was getting measured for the garment of a lifetime!!

I called Luc asap to tell him the good news. When I got home, I marched in the front door wearing my veil, feeling very giddy and bridal. And wouldn't you know, that sweetheart was waiting for me with a big box of chocolates to say congrats on finding my dress. It's a good thing the dress doesn't come for another 5 months though, because I would probably wear it around the house every day. The number of times I've put on my veil already is incalculable. I may even be wearing it right now....but nobody will ever know!


  1. Congrats on finding the dress! Haha so sweet of Luc to surprise you with celebratory treats.

  2. YAY!!

    That's SO wonderful!! Very happy news.

    Let the wedding begin!


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