Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesdays with Luc

This afternoon Luc and I did some Christmas shopping and celebrated Taco Tuesday in the food court in the mall. We're fancy like that.

We even went to costco, which was 100% more pleasant than the last time we went. Our first mistake was going on a Sunday afternoon when the entire city is also doing their grocery shopping. This time we went on a weekday morning, and the crowds were as thinned out as a 13 year old's first mustache. Even still, I got lost within 2 minutes of walking in. Luc found me shuffling around in the electronics section - proof that I was seriously lost, why else would I be in the electronics section when there are food sample booths to be exploited?

The rest of the week is chockfull of wedding stuff - flowers, decor, dresses, guest lists....and the gym every day so that I can fit into a sample wedding dress straight off the rack, save millions of dollars and go for a 3-month honeymoon on our own private island. That's what I tell myself to get to the gym every day. Crazy, but crazy seems to be working these days.

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