Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's a good thing

With only 3 classes left this term, my giddy Christmas break grin is beginning to broaden. I already finished one for-pleasure book, and started my (December) wedding to do list. The newest development is that I've decided on decor for the ends of the church pews. Originally, I envisioned lush bunches of flowers tied to each wooden pew, but my budget-savvy cousin told me that it wasn't a good idea - it ends up costing too much. For what it adds to the aisle (she said nobody really notices anyway), the juice isn't worth the squeeze. However, I still like the idea of walking down a semi-decorated aisle, so I'm amending the idea with some budget-friendly tweaks. I'm tossing aside the real flowers for tissue paper creations. And rather than getting the decorator to do it, I'm going to DIY the hell out of these things! And the part that I'm MOST excited about....this is definitely a project that I can turn into a wine-soaked, bridesmaid event!


  1. i know i'm not a bridesmaid, but i'm more than happy to help!

  2. I'm doing tissue paper flowers too! I already made one, they're really simple.

  3. I just made one at work out of white kleenex - my version is pretty ghetto, but AMAZING! I can't wait to see how great they look with actual tissue paper and wire that isn't a bent-up paper clip. I'm so in.


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