Monday, March 22, 2010

365 days of feverish photography

As if the constant stresses of grad school and wedding planning weren't enough, I'm going to add to my anxiety with a little side project. I was browsing my epic 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days list, and realized, I'd better get down to bidness. But instead I'm going to start a '365 days of photos' project (which was foolishly excluded from the list). My projection for tomorrow...starting it off with a bang: photo of my laptop, perhaps? I've gotta keep it real...and if I'm keeping it real, it's a photo of my laptop, my coffee mug, or the jeans that I wear every day because I'm too lazy to think up anything better to wear. And now you're all surely on tenterhooks for tomorrow's big reveal! I promise I won't disappoint! The photos will have their own page on my blog which can be found here: 365 Days of Pics

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