Sunday, March 28, 2010

Black Friday

We've emerged on the other side of this disaster unscathed, but still somewhat stunned. Of all the stresses a couple has to encounter when wedding planning, the reception venue burning down is not something one would ever anticipate. After receiving the bad news, most of Friday was spent in tears of disbelief. BUT!!! The good news is, we got on the phone and internet right away to hunt for a new location. My two choices after Mayfair Lakes were both booked already, and changing the date of the wedding would mean changing all of the things that we've already arranged: church, DJ, decorator, photographer, florist, tux rentals, makeup's a long list that I wasn't willing to do over again.

Thankfully we found a new location that was available on our day, and we beat the other bride gunning for the same date by getting in there quickly and throwing down a deposit as fast as we could sign on the dotted line. Her wedding was scheduled for the weekend before ours, and the only available date close to that one at this new venue was ours! According to the food and beverage manager, he's been trying to accommodate many stranded couples from Mayfair. We ran into one of them when viewing the new venue. Their wedding is in July and they already printed all of their invitations- my heart goes out to that bride, and all of the others who were booked at Mayfair and are now up shit creek without a paddle. In a sinking boat. With no life preservers.

We're still bummed out that we had to switch venues, but this one has a better view, a bigger dance floor, and two bars. Which just means that we're going to be drunkenly dancing more wildly against a prettier backdrop.

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