Monday, March 29, 2010

Up, up and away!

Flying is like a little escape where you're expected to do nothing more than read, watch movies, eat, drink and sleep. I like that. I like that order too. There's something calming about these mild expectations. To-do lists and stresses are checked with the luggage and carry-ons are providers of goodies to keep me entertained. Airplanes also feel like some parallel universe where I can eat a costco-sized bag of chocolate almonds in one hour and it doesn't count. I love flying.

On Thursday evening we're heading to West Edmonton Mall for a long-weekend getaway with Luc's family. We have parents to hang out with, nieces to spoil, a new boyfriend to meet, brothers and sisters to catch up with, and a sweet little baby nephew to play with....and a roller coaster that will all the while be beckoning for us to come ride it. The flight there will no doubt be grand, but the time spent with family will be priceless. And no, this is not a mastercard commercial.

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