Thursday, March 18, 2010

On being awkward

When getting coffee this morning at my regular place, I needed to speak with the proprietor to get some info for an article I'm writing, so I asked the guy working there, "Is the owner here? The guy from Boner Isl.....uuhhhhhh, I mean BOWEN island....Is Alan here?" To which he responded, through laughter he did not at all try to stifle or disguise, "BONER ISLAND!!! Now how's THAT for a freudian slip???" 

All I could do was laugh. Boner Island? Yes....Boner Island, that just happened. Try and say "bowen" right after saying "owner" could have happened to anyone. Embarrassing, nonetheless. 


  1. So does Boner Island have the same motif as Easter Island? The ferry ride over would really be something... nothing says "Welcome!" like 800, 15 ft tall stone penises.

  2. Boner Island... home of Captain Bonehill (no smooching allowed, though).

  3. Oh Kathleen, I nearly lost it in class when Chris said Captain Bonehill! That was one long, overtired day!


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