Saturday, March 6, 2010

This is reality?

While watching Survivor a few days ago (on TV at the gym, so technically I had no choice), I noted to myself how much it has changed over the years. I recall watching it in high school, but I don't remember such gratuitous displays of sexuality like greasing up half-dressed people and getting them to push themselves along a lubed up slip'n'slide. This was a 'challenge'. Yes, they had to throw a ball in a bucket at the end of the slippery track, but the real feat was for the viewer, squinting at the screen and hoping the pin-thin women didn't snap any of their twiggy limbs in the process. This made me wonder: how many days (weeks, more like) have they been there for? These poor women look starved to death. It was day 9.

What I'm really wondering, though, is if the show was always like this? Maybe as a naive teenager I didn't notice the inappropriate body images and blatantly obvious innuendos (oxymoron?) being pandered to me every week. It's OK though, because now I only watch quality television like One Tree Hill.

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