Sunday, March 7, 2010

The best things in life

-When SNL cast members break character to scream "LIVE from NEW YORK it's SATURDAY NIGHT!"
-Mixing hot chocolate powder with milk rather than water (which the package tells me is "more indulgent")
-When you can tell that an animal is smiling (my dog does this all the time)
-Making a baby laugh
-Wedding planning (I'm completely serious - it's actually really fun!)
-Getting snail mail that isn't a bill
-Free dessert when you're out for dinner
-Laughing so hard that you cry
-Lindt chocolate balls
-The quench of water after a really intense workout
-The airport hello (the happy antithesis to the airport goodbye)
-Melted cheese
-Laughing out loud from a book
-The view from the peak of Whistler on a clear day
-Shooting the cork off a bottle of champagne

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