Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This will not turn into a wedding blog

While packing on our last day in Penticton I made the classic error of not lifting with my legs. I was only trying to lift a backpack (filled with boulders) and I threw my back into spasms, which led to the most uncomfortable 7 hour drive home of my life. Because of this unfortunate injury, I've had to abandon my usual lunch hour gym routine, which in turn has made me realize that I do most of my thinking on the elliptical. Some people think in the shower, men think on the toilet (what else could take them 40 minutes in there? Certainly not pooping, I refuse to believe that), and I do my brainstorming at the gym. Thus, with no gym action, I've fallen flat, which has allowed the walls of my brain to wither and break down, allowing wedding fever to flood in and take over. So I guess it's not that I'm not thinking, it's just that I'm not thinking about ANYTHING ELSE. I've only been engaged for one week now and I'm already deep into a full fledged love affair with about six different wedding magazines. I've been spooning my wedding binder at night and whispering sweet nothings into the pages of vendor directories.

I must seem crazy for diving into the deep end of wedding planning, but with school looming in the distance (98 days to be exact), I think it would be prudent to make some of the important arrangements now....before I'm waist deep in sub right agreements and profit & loss statements. Don't I sound like a big important publisher? I expect to be back at the gym in a few days though, so expect to be hearing about more interesting and important issues, like why the girls in the change room don't shower and just douse themselves in body spray. Up until this point I had been unaware of the absorbent powers of body spray...oh wait, it doesn't absorb anything, it just mingles with your sweat to make it smell like someone just shit on a flower and now you're wearing it as a broach. Know this friends, I only tackle the most serious topics here.

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