Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When the bath mat is no longer effective

This weekend I had a surprise already waiting for me in the shower before I stepped in - and no, it wasn't Luc. The water was running, the curtain was half-drawn and I stepped one foot in, I grasped the curtain with my right hand for balance as I brought my other foot over the edge of the bathtub. I've slipped in the shower before and hit my shin so hard it turned purple and fell off...yup, fell right off my leg. I took great caution while stepping in to ensure that I didn't slip, and just as I placed my other foot safely onto the bath mat I saw it. A giant moth. A moth so big it had a part-time job at a State Fair giving kids plane-rides on its back. He was settled in between the folds of the shower curtain, watching me in anticipation. He took one look at me, opened his horrifying moth mouth and said, "I've been waiting for you...I snuck in through your window last night, you really should get a screen. And now I'm going to fly right at your face and rub my hairy moth body all over you." Before the giant moth had the chance to attack, my feet started scrambling faster than my legs could deal with. All of my limbs went crashing into the tub's edge and the walls of the shower as I screamed bloody murder trying to claw my way out of there. I flung myself out, soaking the floor and everything near me like a wet dog shaking off. Luc came running in to find me standing stick straight in the corner of the bathroom, soaking wet, mascara running down my face, one arm pointed toward the shower, still screaming "MOTHHHHHHH!!!! MOTHHHHH FREAKING HUUUUGE, SHITTT, OH MY GAWWDD MOTH!!!" The ordeal wasn't over yet, because Luc wanted to spray him off the curtain and down the drain, an idea so foolish I could barely believe he would suggest it. "What? So he can just fly back up and get his dirty moth body all over me? Noooo....KILL HIM....GARBAGE CAN GARBAGE CAN KILLL HIMMM!" Being the gentleman that he is, Luc obliged and squished the giant moth and threw the remains in the garbage can. Until we stop opening the window without the screen, I can't guarantee that another traumatizing episode like this won't happen again.


  1. haha 'hairy moth body' i feel the same way when looking at them moths. i always think of allergic reactions when they flutter.. anyway not as bad as spiders tho.

    thanks for the comment regarding your engagement ring and congrats on your engagement. when do you plan to have your wedding?

  2. We're planning for September 5, 2010, but I'm trying to get a lot of stuff done before I head back to school this September.


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