Tuesday, June 23, 2009

True Story

On the drive in this morning I spotted something that, until now, I believed was fictitious. Sitting at a stop light, I looked down at the center line to notice it had been repainted. I don't really know how the lines get repainted; I don't know if some guy cruises down the street on his scooter with a long-handled paint brush or if they use that big machine that looks like a zamboni. However it's done, they messed up. There was a dead crow in the middle of the road, and whoever was facilitating the line painting didn't think the crow hindered the process, so they left him there...spread eagle (spread crow?) in the middle of the center line, wings splayed out on either side of his mangled body, head raised, pointing his beak proudly...that crow died like a champ and they desecrated his body by painting right over him. I was baffled though, because I've seen e-mails that get sent around with silly things like that; a dead animal on a dusty highway that has been incorporated into the painted lines...but it's hard to know what to believe these days with photoshop. It turns out that does happen. They literally painted the center line right over the crow's dead, mangled carcass. Even when he is finally scraped off the road, the outline of his body will remain and his heroic death will be immortalized in yellow paint. I didn't take a picture or anything, but fortunately I'm an amazing artist. Yes...an AMAZING artist. Below is my tribute to that brave crow. You might wonder how his outline could be left on the street if a straight line was painted right over him...but trust me, the way they splattered paint all over him and all around his body, there is going to be a mark. Which brings me to my next point; judging by my drawing of the incident, maybe I'm not such an amazing artist?

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