Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding Planning: take one

This weekend Luc and I met with the wedding coordinator at the church for a chat about reserving our day and how things work for the ceremony. The coordinator was an older, silver haired woman, and she was so incredibly cute that I found myself giggling for no reason when she said things, which I very awkwardly tried to cover up. When we left I asked Luc if he noticed - hoping that his reaction would be, "What? Giggling? No...I didn't notice at all" - and he informed that it was painfully obvious...but only to him (yeah right!). I don't know what brought on the giggles, but I'm already excited to see her again. It might be because growing up, my grandparents passed away when I was quite young, so I never got the chance to sit and chat with nice, older folks. And like I've mentioned before, most of the older ladies in Kerrisdale are bats on wheels.

We're still moving ahead with lots of wedding plans (an alarming pace to some, extremely fun and exciting to me) and we have an appointment with a photographer tonight. I was considering bringing in a picture of Adriana Lima and asking, "with the right angles, will there be any way you can make me look like this?", but I think that might be the job of the makeup artist. A good friend of mine is a makeup artist so I'll ask her if she knows any magicians.

I've also been thinking a lot about recommendations - I don't fully trust them. I've already had two majorly conflicting verbal recommendations on a photographer; it wasn't just: "they were OK" vs. "they're really good". It was: "they were terrible" vs. "they are remarkable". I guess as long as you consider the source, you get a better idea of how to interpret the recommendation - but they're both extremely reliable sources! But as far as photography goes, there is just a small list of "must-have" shots that we want, then after that, whatever happens, happens! I'll be putting my faith in them to do their thing. And I don't have to worry about anyone trying to make Luc look good, he's already a major stud! I'm excited about tonight though - I found this one all on my own and hopefully their portfolio is as fabulous as their website.


  1. ohhhh what's the website for the photography? i'm looking for a good studio photographer too but not too expensive. if there is such thing. haha.

  2. We're looking at two right now: and


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