Wednesday, September 9, 2009

361 days until our wedding

After watching about 8 consecutive episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" and NOT going to the gym tonight, we finally achieved something....we booked a wedding photographer! This thing is really going to happen and we're going to have PROOF! Professional, photoshopped, artsy proof! Everything is coming together and if I can find a hair stylist and book the DJ in the next couple of weeks, I might have a semi-clear mind for all the school work coming my way.

With this photographer comes an engagement session. We've been thinking of locations and we want to do something unique. And now I'm going to completely contradict that last statement by saying I want to do photos like the ones I saw on another site. All you need to know is this: big field, giant red balloon. I've been thinking of emailing the pictures to the photographer with the subject: Make it happen......but that will obviously come off as completely Bridezilla. So I know what I have to do....add a sideways smiley face.

Make it happen :)

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