Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is that thing real?

About a week ago, while picking up some shoes from a friend's new apartment, I was privy to a pretty big revelation in her life. She just moved into a two bedroom suite with another girl whom she met through a friend of a friend of a friend...or something like that. They both needed roommates, and BAM...just like that, they moved in together.

Anyhow, she was lamenting over the petiteness of her new bedroom, but I didn't think it was that small. Not like the place she had about 4 summers ago where her bed left only a sliver of walking room...if you were inside that room, you were on the bed, because you literally had nowhere else to go. To make me see that she indeed had a small room, she let me peek into her roommate's rather large room. It was big. It was spacious. It was large enough to have a zebra-skin rug spread out on the floor....meaning, her roommate actually had a zebra-skin rug on the floor in her room. I laughed..."wow....niiiiice, that a real zebra carcass?..ha..." Um...yes. Yes it was.

It's revelation time. My friend dragged me out to the living room and pointed to a magazine on the table. Some hunting magazine....rifles and guns and wilderness and HOLY SHIT....on the cover was her roommate: a 3 page exclusive interview with her roommate was inside that magazine. She had inadvertently discovered that her new roomie is some kind of huge celebrity from a different universe. I glanced around the room - things started to pop out at me that I hadn't noticed upon my arrival, like the photos of her with guns....EVERYWHERE! It's funny the things you learn about people.


  1. You have the most hilarious stories! I still can't get over the fact that the zebra skin rug was real. Ew.

  2. Thanks Lisa!! I was blown away too at the rug!


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