Thursday, September 10, 2009

Book worms

My return to school has introduced a whole new swirling mass of thoughts into my already crowded stream of consciousness. Today, day 3, was amazing. I spent the bus ride home thinking about something other than the wedding. And speaking of taking the bus, this public transport thing is going to make for A LOT of weird and interesting blog the guy who went nuts trying to open the doors before the bus had stopped moving, or the girl who had a cut out "V" on the back of her pants to show off her tattoo...or the guy who was reading over my shoulder as I wrote those two things down in my notebook! Yes, the colourful people of Vancouver are at my fingertips, quite literally.

But back to school...we're already bogged down with a bunch of readings and assignments but it's so exciting- we actually get to create things. We get to create a company, a company name, a logo, books...and we get to learn SO FREAKING MUCH.....I think I'm on a natural high just from thinking about this! Also, it's been really great to meet all the people in the program, people I can relate to...other people that spend days trying to find the right day planner, people that look through book catalogs with the same enthusiasm that a child watches toy commercials, people that unpack their books before their furniture when moving...and people whom I will get to experience the highs and lows of the next year and a half with, commiserating, studying, and obviously getting drunk together every now and then. It's really nice to be around other people that will be going through the same thing and that understand what it is we're doing here. It's also really nice to not be someone's slave anymore.   

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