Monday, September 21, 2009

What is with these postal workers?

Despite finishing our save the dates weeks ago, I still haven't mailed them. Part is because I made the conscious decision to wait until after the one-year mark. Part is because someone is stealing all the GOOD STAMPS! Yes, I'm trying to find pretty stamps for the envelopes for my save the dates...I'm THAT crazy and anal. The trouble is, every time I go in (about 5 times a different location each time), they don't have any nice looking stamps. Lots of Vancouver 2010 MukMuks and Sumis and so forth...but no flowers, no simple designs. What's the worst part, you ask? The worst part is trying to hide the look on my face every time I go in and the postal worker suggests that I use this:

Yeah...I'm serious. Every single time, at every single different post office I get the same response: "No, sorry, no flowers." And that's's not their fault. Obviously someone is just running around Vancouver to all of the post offices and buying up all the nice stamps in attempt to sabotage our wedding. No big deal. But why....why do they always suggest this hideous stamp? It must be like in a restaurant before the doors open, "OK everyone, we've still got a ton of this stuff and it's about to turn, so really push the meatloaf tonight." At the post office each morning the manager rounds up the crew, "OK guys, we still have boxes of those hideously ugly celebration stamps, people are actually starting to refuse to accept mail when it's delivered bearing one of these things...we need to find a way to get rid of a TON of them at once. Alice sold a box to some bride for her wedding invitations last week and we were so pleased with her that we gave her a 40% raise." So now, obviously, everyone's trying to push these things on me. But I will not cave.


  1. Oh lordy lord. I didn't even think about stamps...

  2. I just mailed my save the dates yesterday and I used stamps I ordered off of They have all sorts of designs you can customize. It costs more but it may be worth it to avoid added frustration.

  3. So who looks at the stamp anyway???

  4. I's such a silly thing to fuss over isn't it! I may end up just using the standard stamps!


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