Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cool as a cucumber

While dining at our friends' house this evening, we began to talk about how school is going and what kind of internship I'm looking for. Despite being very intrigued by 3 months in India with a publisher who creates hand-made books, I just couldn't stomach 93 nights away from Luc. Until these creepy man-replacements make their way to Canada, I'll be looking at opportunities close to home.

This conversation lead into marriage talk, of course. Our friends aren't engaged but they're thinking of tying the knot in the next year or two. Our wedding still seems so far away - less than a year now, but still leaving us ages and ages to plan everything. I left their house feeling relaxed and laid-back about planning our wedding. Until I got home and opened my email...and realized that our family has started receiving the save-the-dates in the mail...which means that people are actually coming to our wedding....which means I actually do have to plan an entire wedding this year and complete my degree and keep doing the laundry all at the same time. For the love of god, who will teach Luc how to wash the delicates??? I have a project to do and fabric swatches to choose from!!!

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