Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just another Saturday afternoon

Me: Sitting at the dining room table, hunched over my computer, surrounding by books, working on an assignment. I notice that Luc is dressed with his shoes on, like he's going somewhere. I give him that inquiring look....
Luc: "Oh yeah, Kate and Tom are coming over. They'll be here in a few minutes."
Me: "What?? A few minutes?? Shit...."
Luc: "You don't need to come out with us, we're just going to Best Buy."
Me: "Yeah I know, I just thought I should make myself look like less of a gargoyle before our friends walk in." I'm thinking along the lines of washing the sleep-drool off my face from last night and putting on a bra. Nothing much.
Luc: "Aww, you're going to take off your Sponge Bobs and put on pants?"
Me: "What? No! My sponge bob square pants pajamas are nothing to be ashamed of..."
Clearly Luc and I have a different idea of what is acceptable and what is embarrassing.

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