Saturday, September 12, 2009

One of these things is not like the other

Our apartment reached unacceptable levels of "hot and sticky" today, and by 6:00pm I had to abandon my school work and get the hell out of there. We placed an order for Thai food and headed to Blockbuster to get Luc a video game. I helped him choose....."hey look sweetie, this one takes place in a destroyed city....OHHH and this one is a sporting event....oh hey look at this one, it's in a destroyed city....oh but THIS ONE is set in a destroyed city...or this one, it's a sporting event....oh no wait, this looks good, it takes place in a destroyed city..." So obviously what followed was Luc telling me that I'm an ass, then him renting a video game that takes place in a destroyed city.

It was all pretty normal until we got to the front to pay for the game. The girl working there was absolutely, unquestionably, one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. She wasn't wearing any makeup, her skin was flawless porcelain, her hair was dark and silky, and she looked INCREDIBLY out of place. Yes, we were still at the video store....yes, she was the one working behind the counter, at the VIDEO STORE. I'm not saying that attractive people have no place working in a video store, I'm just saying that it's not normal to see a girl who looks like she fell out of a Clinique ad ringing in your video game purchase at the neighbourhood Blockbuster. We both agreed that it was an anomaly, but I maintain that there has to be some other explanation.


  1. That is the best answer anyone could have given me!!

  2. Maybe it's the only way she gets to spend time with her geeky boyfriend, 'cause he works there too and he spends all his time off playing video games? I tried to do that by getting a job at Mike's bar... they wouldn't hire me because they thought I would freak everytime a girl hits on him at the door "oooh, Mike {boobs push his chest as she throws herself at him for a 'hug'} remember me? can we get in?" (say that in an annoyingly high-pitched voice) BARF. On second thought, it's probably a good idea I didn't get the job!

    Then again, she could just like the free rentals?


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