Sunday, August 30, 2009

35 - A toast to my temporary freedom and many other things!

#35: Celebrate something with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot

Thursday was my last day at my job, a day that I had been anticipating for the past 5 months when I was accepted into my masters program. I had wanted to quit ages ago, but because of the difficult job market I figured it wasn't worth the risk. For once in my life, practicality overruled my emotions and I stayed in that position much longer than I could withstand, resulting in many tears of frustration and too many venting sessions on the drive home. Now I've got one week of complete freedom before school starts, so this champagne celebration was a toast to a few things in my life. First and most importantly we toasted my emancipation from my emotionally draining administrative assistant position, because I will never again have to deal with someone asking me, "where was that piece of paper I had in my hand yesterday?" Secondly, leaving my job also meant one week of vacation time before school starts - one action packed week of friends, wedding celebrations, birthdays, traveling and some deep breaths of relief! And thirdly, we celebrated the start of my school year, a year that is going to be stressful, but the kind of stress that I signed up for! And of course, one of my best friends got married this weekend (a 3-day celebration that will be capped off by a reception in Vancouver this evening), so we drank to the start of her new life with her husband. Cheers!!

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