Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've opened a floodgate

I recently mentioned how I don't blog enough about my upcoming wedding, and now, it's all I'm writing about! I had an idea for centrepieces last night and it involves birdcages. Since we've already got the birdie theme going on with the stationary that I've designed, I think that birdcage centrepieces would fit in nicely. I envision a whimsical bed of white roses with a birdcage nestled in the centre. Inside the birdcage I would put either an aubergine candle holder or a pillar candle (whichever looks best).

I like the vintage feel of a wrought-iron birdcage, and coupled with a bed of white roses, I think it would turn out quite elegant and interesting. I'm HOPING that it will turn out quite elegant and interesting! So now the search is on - I need approximately 10-12 cool-looking birdcages....that don't cost an arm and a leg.


  1. Good luck with that my dear. I will keep an eye out for you. (How big do you need them to be?)

  2. Ooooh... How FABULOUS!! Check out antique stores and thrift shops for them on the cheap. And it's great that you have time to collect those things.

    My plan was to have a mini cake as the centerpiece on each table. Then a small-er cake for us to cut and the wedding party to eat. Let's just say that was Disaster #1 on Wedding Day. But a friend of mine did it, and it was WONDERFUL! Just throwing ideas your way.

    So excited to see more pictures!

  3. One of my bridesmaids is skeptical about the birdcage thing - but I want to make a "test" one first to see if it will look nice or cheesy. I'm thinking no more than 12" tall.

    Love the ideas - the cake thing sounds really neat! I like things that aren't the standard flowers in a vase...even though that's always lovely too, and I just might end up doing that!!


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