Friday, August 14, 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly blow-up penis

I had a bit of a rough day yesterday; there was an incident (the details of which I don't think are blog-appropriate) which has left me quite shaken up. The unsettling feelings following the aforementioned incident were further compounded by the discovery of Simon's dead fish corpse bobbing around at the bottom of his bowl last night. Upon arriving home from work yesterday, we found Simon dead and without his tail...because he ate it. What a strange bird (fish, actually) that guy was. Luc and I were equally saddened at his passing, and we're contemplating buying another to replace him, but without insulting his legacy (by purchasing said fish too soon).

On the happier side of things, I'm taking off to spend the weekend with a few of my closest girlfriends. One of them is getting married in two weeks so we're doing the whole stagette thing. It's going to be nice to let loose and have fun with the girls, but I will miss Luc, because as my mom pointed out to me today, he and I don't spend much time apart. As for the "stagette" aspect of the weekend - we've got lots of champagne and junk food and matching outfits for tonight. No penis theme though. I've never been a huge fan of the penis theme. Oh my god you're getting married and your husband is totally going to have a PENIS!!! AAAHHH!!! Let's party and put penises on EVERYTHING!!! But yes, things will get a bit crazy, but not penis-crazy. Penis. There, I said it again. When I return, I'll post pictures of the tank tops I made for the occasion.

For now, I just want to get through the day at work (which I'm pleased to say includes Luc taking me out for lunch!) and get out of town! I'll be back on Sunday night, and until then, may your weekends be full of fun and like mine, completely void of penis-paraphernalia!

**Just a note to add to this post: I was chatting with Luc at lunch about the "incident" and how I didn't want to make a huge deal out of it, so I wasn't going to write a post about it...but I write about everything else in my life, so I've decided I will write about it when I get back.

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